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I am a bible believing Christian



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  My buddy  'smelly dog' died Nov 2011.
Before he became deaf he answered to the name of Jock - when it suited him.

image of Jock - our deceased miniature Schnauzer
affectionately 'Little Lad'









Can you help?

There are people who for one reason or another I have never forgotten and owe a word of thanks. I've never been able to trace via the www.
Do you know any of them?

Mike Bridgland
Director - Albany Tyre Service / Firestone
Last known in early 70's

Terry (Terence) McDonough
Last known to have had a fish & chip shop in Horwich in the 60's

William Scott Macubbin (McCubbin?)
Teacher and author of ' Jackboot'.

June Wingate born about 1942
Lived in Mayfield Rd, Chorley in the 50's


I've been happily married to Ann since 2002.
We share three daughters, a son, and grandchildren who we see regularly.

Guitar. After hearing a guy play in a Llandudno hotel in 2008 I decided I too could play like Hank Marvin.    I'm working at it!
Fender Squier strat plays Apache Shindig

Me with my Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird
Honda Blackbird


I've been a biker all my life despite having supposedly given up a few times.

It's strictly a fair-weather pleasure for me now and physical limitations are taking their toll.

You will have realised by browsing my other pages that I have a passion for wildlife in and around a pond.

Ancient times - Halfords / Albany tyres / Langho Centre / Brockhall / Calderstones - Now a nurse in private health care.