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I am a bible believing Christian



Old Pond

New Pond





is home in the centre of Leyland, Lancashire, UK

Chapel House Christian Fellowship
This is our church.  Situated on Moor Rd, Chorley.
A Bible believing church.  Pastor Ian Moulton does not pander to the modern multitudes who imagine a god to their own liking.
Chapel House Christian Fellowship - premises
constructing a wildlife pond - image 1 visit Chapel House and hear essential Biblical truth
Leyland Baptist Church
The Bible is Godís word. It is trustworthy, true and able to guide us in all matters relating to belief and action.
Leyland Baptist Church logo
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Open Doors
The world's largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk places.
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this is a Christian family friendly and child safe site
Creation Research UK
Dedicated to making known the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by standing against the philosophy of evolution.
Creation Research logo
all you've been taught about evolution is NOT proven fact
Bill Clews
My brother's website.   A Christian and avid chess player.
image of Bill Clews