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Constructing our new wildlife pond 

The work continues as time and weather allow.  I have in mind to use an old toilet cistern with ballcock for an automatic top-up system.  Imagine my delight when we took our first load of diggings (in flexi tubs) to our local tip and found an undamaged cistern amongst the hardcore, etc going for landfill.  Only after I brought it home to personally recycle it did I realise it was a bottom inlet and although that wouldn't make it impossible to use it certainly complicates matters so I'll continue looking for a side inlet type.
This is a diary showing the construction of our new wildlife pond at our home in the centre of Leyland, Lancashire, UK

May 21st 2012

Fine weather again!
A small trench has been dug indicating the final shape.

All digging is now done with a hand trowel. It's a bit long and tedious but much kinder to an arthritic spine.  Work will not progress at a great speed but it doesn't matter - there's no rush. This whole project is for our pleasure.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 6 this is a Christian family friendly and child safe site
May 22nd

The concrete collar is in place.

The collar isn't necessary for many wildlife ponds and it isn't essential for this one but I prefer this method as it provides firm support for a paved edge.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 7 all life is God given. We have a responsibility to care.

May 26th

Soil has been removed to the depth of the collar.

The photos don't show that the collar follows the height of the lawn and the far end is 21cm lower than this end. That doesn't actually present a problem as the far end will be the shallow 'beach' and we intend the paving to follow the level of the lawn but I'm wondering whether the effect of a sloping pond will look odd?   I'll have to think about this one.


constructing a wildlife pond - image 4
Photo of the completed digging June 19th

After many periods of unsuitable weather the digging is over.  This image and the one below it show a couple of things of interest.
We (I consult with my wife Ann) decided to go for a level edge and so the collar has been built up at the far end.
We also decided to take out a curve (seen in previous image at top left) as we felt the pond was going to be too narrow at that point.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 4b
the completed digging looking toward the house At the nearest point in this image you can see the portion of the collar that is a little lower than the rest. This is the overflow that sets the overall water level.

I found a website selling the type of liner I want and tried to phone them on Saturday 23rd June. No answer - so I used their online form asking them to phone me on Monday so that I could place my order and arrange delivery. I had no response by phone or email. I am not naming the site as this 'bad' service could be due to all manner of problems.

On 26th I placed my order for a 5m x 6.5m Epalyn liner and underlay with a different supplier  www.aquatix-2u.co.uk and they have promised delivery on 28th June.  With even more stormy weather forecast it may be some time before I am able to fit it.

The heavy wrapped liner.  The underlay is almost as large a pckage but very light. June 28th

The liner arrived as promised. I am amazed that wrapped it measures only
100cm x 27cm.  It's heavy but I expected something much larger.

Raining again so no chance of further progress yet.
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