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Constructing our new wildlife pond is is a 

Geen water clearly seen passing through a UV filter Green water.
This microscopic algae is a problem for most new pond constructions.
It will not occur once a natural balance between chemicals, plants and wildlife has been established but at the time of this photo we are seeing the effects of tap water, sunlight and too few plants.

An ebay seller provided a used pump and UV filter. I replaced the UV bulb in the filter as they lose their effectiveness over time.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 6 this is a Christian family friendly and child safe site
Polystyrene floated on the surface to reduce sunlight which is causing 'green water' August 18th

Due to the large surface area of unshaded water the algae was winning the battle against the UV light so polystyrene sheet was floated on the pond to reduce sunlight.  This sheet is available at low cost from DIY stores.

A few days later the water was clear.
Many people use Barley straw to clear green water. 

constructing a wildlife pond - image 7 all life is God given. We have a responsibility to care.
Below - A length of flexible pipe runs from the rock wall (shown earlier). It is to be concealed by rocks and pebbles in the shallows and can be seen leaving the pond at the overflow portion of the collar.  This will eventually allow easy passage of a smaller diameter pipe connected to an automatic topping up system.

Flexible pipe ready for future auto top-up system.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 4
The overflow area of the sloping beach The overflow.
At the centre of the photo - the low point of the concrete collar has been filled with gravel and one large rock placed over the top. The rock is supported at both ends by a higher portion of collar so that it won't settle and obstruct the overflow. It can be walked on without doing any harm.
The pipe for topping up is still partially exposed where it passes under the rock and is then protected by a piece of upturned plastic roof guttering.

Work has started on a small 'cascade' as it is always pleasant to have the sound of running water when sitting by a pond.

constructing a wildlife pond - image 4b
Below - The cascade is finished and has been tested.  Surplus liner and the white underlay has been trimmed where appropriate.  The intended shape of the final paving is indicated by the turf that has been removed and a thin layer of pebbles stops it becoming a quagmire while the weather is unpredictable.  A minimum 2" depth of concrete is to be laid in readiness for the paving.

Ready for a base of concrete to lay the paving on.

Paving is Global  Sandstone 'York Green'

October 22nd

The main area of paving around the pond is complete. It will be continued at the near end if we have more 'nice' weather but I consider this the end of the paving project for 2012 and I'm happy to have it out of the way before the wet, cold and frosty weather sets. I will continue with the landscaping at the far end as opportunity allows.

I'm pleased with my first attempt at 'formal' paving.
Ann is pleased that we are looking less like a building site.

Click to see the pond as it is in May 2015 - opens in its own window.
The mesh is stopping thrushes taking our froglets.