- - our first wildlife pond - -              
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Old Pond

New Pond





We had a small private area of garden where we decided the pond could be situated against the fence and alongside the rarely used rear gate.

Where the pond is to be situated

  The hole showing concrete collar and mortar over sharp objects
I have back problems and so the hole took a few days to dig. Most of it was done using a trowel as this was less stressful than a spade.  Areas of builder's rubble and loose stones were covered  with mortar to prevent damage to the liner.

Notice the concrete collar around the top of the hole. This provides support to whatever edging is chosen for the pond.
Maximum depth is 2ft 6ins and a sloping beach comes up to the collar at the left of the picture.  This is essential to enable some wildlife to get from water to land.

I'm not the world's best illustrator but I've done what I can with a diagram to show you how to correctly route the liner.  This is for two reasons.  An exposed liner is ugly to look at and detracts from a 'natural' effect and the liner may be damaged by the sun's ultraviolet rays.Diagram of how to conceal the liner above water level


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