- - our first wildlife pond - -              
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Old Pond

New Pond





Three different sizes of pebbles have been added. The smallest (pea gravel) placed at the shallowest part.
It is important that any rocks or gravel that you are using have been thoroughly washed.  It's a laborious job but essential as the pebbles supplied in bags by garden centres are filthy and salty.

Pebbles in place and filling with tap water

We moved to this house in 1998 and had much DIY to undertake both outside and indoors.  As I kept reclaiming portions of the garden, erecting fencing and building a patio I repeatedly encountered a solitary frog which would relocate itself every time I disturbed its current home.  I remained on nodding terms with said frog which had resided in different parts of the pondless garden from 1999 to 2005.       (Life expectancy is about 7 - 8 years.)

The morning after these photos were taken I found the frog swimming back and forth the length of the pond obviously enjoying itself in the tapwater.  Froggytopia had arrived.   I think frog and descendants appreciated being part of our family.

Beginning to look like a pond


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