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Old Pond

New Pond





A little more about construction.  When it rains the pond may overflow and I advise that you plan for it so that it occurs in an area where you are happy about it.  Looking again at the diagram showing how to conceal the liner you can see that at a point of your choosing you should have the liner a little lower where excess water will be able to overflow and so control the maximum water level. I dug a pebble-filled soakaway at the shallow end of my pond and that works fine.Diagram of soakaway to stop random overflow

The opposite of too much rain is of course too little and I am amazed at how quickly the water level can drop due to evaporation during hot weather. When I build my next pond I have plans to incorporate an automatic topping up system that can be left attached to the garden hosepipe, eg. at times when we are away on holiday.

Thriving but Duckweed is still present

Ten months on from a hole and we have a thriving pond.   I was still to rearrange the shallow end and clear the duckweed but already we were spending happy hours watching critters in, on and flying above the water.  Wonderful.


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