- - our first wildlife pond - -              
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Old Pond

New Pond





Because we had to position our pond against fences the front viewing area and the rear planted areas are clearly defined. Taller plants are at the back, smaller ones to the centre and a small area of 'clear' water is maintained at the front so that we can enjoy our pond-watching.
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the grass Glyceria Spectabilis Variegatus growing in a 'boggy' area behind the logs Iris looks stunning but hides the background for part of the year

We have the grass Glyceria Spectabilis Variegatus growing behind the logs and
Iris Pseudacorus (Yellow Flag) prolifically occupying the available shelf in front of the logs.  We need to be changing the Iris for another colour - too much yellow!

Frogs on a mat of Elodea and Hornwort

This isn't a 'spot the frog' competition. About 70% of the pond has dense vegetation most of the year.  We maintain a clear viewing area along the front edge and in this way we are never troubled with green water, the duckweed died away never to return and all critters thrive in this environmentt.  The frogs spend hours relaxing in the sunshine.      
Sorry about the bits of grass - I'd just been mowing the lawn.


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